Using your community to certify your ESG framework

The Purpose Index is the only tool that organisations can use to certify that the work they're doing in the ESG matters to their people, and that the impact is true.

Using your community to certify your ESG framework
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Good business should be recognised and certified

Getting certified by on The Purpose Index means true recognition for organisations who have built effective ESG policies. Work with us to engage your community to rate your efforts and ensure that they are seen, heard and understood.

For ESG Teams

Getting certified with The Purpose Index is a method to truly understand if your efforts are getting cut through into your organisation, and if their impact is understood by the people that matter.

For Employees

The Purpose Index is your tool to effectively hold your organisation accountable for its impact on the planet, the people you work with, and the suppliers you work with. Encourage your organisation to stand for positive business change through ESG frameworks that can be measured by you, the people within the organisation itself.

For Investors

Effective & ethical distribution of capital is essential for all investment vehicles to ensure that their investors are confident that their money is being invested into organisations that have a positive impact on the planet and people. The Purpose Index works effectively throughout value chain to ensure good business is a primary focus.

For Marketing Teams

A growing 63% of us believe a company's primary purpose should be to improve society. Now more than ever, organisations must communicate how they're working towards betterment. Within their organisation and throughout their supply chain. Is your brand on board? The Purpose Index is a recognised method for consumers to know that spending money with your company is a good decision.

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