Meet Our Founder, Jamie

Meet Our Founder, Jamie

24 March, 2021 - The Purpose Index · Behind The Purpose Index

The World Is Your Oyster, Sort Of

When Jamie was growing up in the UK, he was fortunate to have many opportunities in education and life to pursue all manner of exciting careers. From a young age, Jamie dreamed of travelling the world and fancied the idea of being a chef. Despite being told of—and being aware of—his talents and potential success in finance, Jamie resisted that path. For a while, he pursued his passion and went into catering. He learnt to cook and spent a few years in the food industry, working around the world. But at some point the all too familiar pressures to go a different route became louder. Eventually, Jamie gave in, returned to the UK, and switched his career path into the world of finance.

Jamie trained as an accountant, and whilst he found he was naturally good at the work, he felt that there was something missing. Some friends loved being accountants, others worked the job to make good money. Unsatisfied, and wanting something more, Jamie turned to the world of start-ups.

In 2010, Jamie joined the tech start-up Qubit. He spent the next decade working with some of the smartest tech and finance brains in the world. During his journey, Jamie became an angel investor and a financial advisor to several rising tech stars.

But still, something was missing.

Throughout his career, a question had always gnawed away at him, a deep thought that he had carried during his years as a chef, accountant, and in the start-up world;

“What’s the purpose of it all?”

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Jamie found himself questioning the higher purpose of each and every role that he undertook. And he wasn’t alone; there was a noticeable change amongst new (younger) recruits at his work place, who expected something different from their work-life. Over the years, Jamie had observed attitudes shift and employees grow ever-so-slightly restless. They also began to question “why am I doing this work?”, “do paychecks equal happiness?”, and “what’s my purpose in life?”. No longer was financial reward, a successful career, or intellectual stimulation enough for many employees. Instead, they wanted to work for an organisation that had a purpose which reflected their own.

Recognising that many employees were failing to find organisations that aligned with their own values, Jamie came up with an idea. He imagined and designed a tool that allowed organisations to identify and showcase their own unique purposes’. Throughout his own journey to find his purpose, Jamie encountered countless employees trying to find their own ‘why’. As a result, he envisioned a community led by purpose, whereby every organisation could proudly state their purpose, and find individuals who would love to work for them or buy from them.

Jamie founded The Purpose Index to build this infrastructure and to take a first step towards creating a place for people to find purpose in their life's work. His early conceptualisations of The Purpose Index included an opportunity to help people first understand their own purpose, before matching them with the organisations who share that same purpose.

Jamie wanted to build a platform where individuals and organisations could talk to each other. The Purpose Index allows individuals to contribute reviews of organisations, indicating if the organisation’s actions are effectively meeting their purpose. Reviews can be submitted as an employee or as a consumer, helping give two different ‘scores’ for each organisation.

The Purpose Index is now growing into a community whereby purpose-driven people decide which businesses to buy from, work for, partner with, and invest in.

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