A need to change, A will to deliver.

The Purpose Index started with a desire to organise the worlds purpose and give everyone the chance to hold organisations to account. Efficacy and simplicity are the core tenets of the products we create for organisations and motivated individuals.

A need to change,
A will to deliver.
Jamie, The founder

Meet the founder

In my (mostly...) finance related career, I have had the privilege of working with and nurturing excellent people, doing brilliant things. Often, the actions of these people are not reflected in the organisation itself. The effort that motivated people put into the places they work could be celebrated better, and it could be a tool to bring more brilliant people, more innovation and genuinely good business. From where I sit, I also see a problem unfolding - today, it is quite easy for organisations to hide their accountability to the environment, social impact and internal governance. Brands and companies have a huge impact on our daily lives in almost every discernible way, and I believe that many companies are working hard to improve it, while some blindly pursue profit at the expense of everything else. I founded The Purpose Index to help progressive organisations track their ESG objectives and how they’re being communicated, to celebrate successes, to check accountability and to protect reputations throughout the value chain.— Jamie Thomas, Founder

The power of you

Your voice matters. Your experiences and your opinions on the organisations you work for should be heard. Accountability starts when we’re reminded of our principles and what we’ve set out to do. Principles are meaningless unless they cost you something. The Purpose Index is ensuring that organisations remain accountable to their objectives. To do that, it needs your voice, to celebrate responsible and ethical business that deliver on their promises, and to ensure those who aren't able to greenwash their way out of it.

Alex, power of you