Welcome to The Purpose Index

Our belief is that all organisations should be held accountable to their people and the societies they serve, we build products to help connect these organisations to the people and ensure that their voices are heard. Our focus is today is to ensure ESG frameworks are effectively measured and tracked through our certification process. If you want to join us on our journey, we want to hear from you.

Welcome to
The Purpose Index

Organisational accountability needs to be recognised, and measured. We are providing the tools to make that happen

  • Organisations have no consistent way of measuring their ESG efficacy.

  • Investment arms and mechanisms have no effective way of effectively distributing capital to organisations that they can measure on their ESG commitments.

  • 66% of people make purchasing decisions based on companies commitment to social and environmental initiatives.

  • 63% of consumers believe a companies' primary purpose should be to improve society.

Why arewe here

Getting certified

Our indexing tool will only work with your participation. If you're a founder, we’d love you to add your organisation to the Index, agree to our pledges and work with your community towards achieving them. Your stakeholders will vote on each ESG pledge you make to determine whether they believe you’re committed to what you say you are. When your community have voted, and your score is positive, you’ll become TPI-certified.

Getting certified
Be the future of better business

Be the future of better business

Join our community and contribute to our certification tool. The Purpose Index's power comes from an engaged and active community driving us forward, if you are someone who wants to be a part of shaping how ESG is measured, and how organisations commit to good business, we want you on our team.